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What program does Mystman use for Baldi's Basis game?

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Welcome to baldis basic in education and learning

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• 11/11/2018
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• 11/4/2018

Is protonjon mystman12

they sound the same and kinda played simular games

if u dont no whjo protonjon is looj him up but wearning he says bad words

(i have a problem with bad words)

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• 11/2/2018

What's polls?

the Community can make polls here! Its free for everyone and also admins!

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• 11/2/2018

What's report?

Report is an category which is for reporting users.

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• 11/1/2018

How 2 Get to The Secret Ending.

Hey guys so I would say that now our poll has officially has 80% yes and 20% maybe

Here it is our first topic:

How 2 Get to the secret ending

Step 1: Get the questions in the You Can Think Pad Wrong.

Step 2: If you wanna win in the secret ending you need to have skill here are the charts of how fast Baldi gets for each notebook.

1st Notebook:Normal.

2nd Notebook:A Little Fast.

3rd Notebook:A Little Too Much Fast.

4th Notebook:Fast As When You get 7 Notebooks.

5th Notebook:A Little Super Fast.

6th Notebook: Super Fast

7th Notebook: Super Super Super Super Fast

Step 4: Head to a exit that dosent close and you will head to something that says ''Congratulations You Won But Theres Some Room For Improvement Go See Baldi In His Office''.And you will see a streched out Baldi and you will see FileName2 saying about destroying the game.

Thats How 2 Baldi.

See You For Now.

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• 11/1/2018


You will not get detention for cutting playtimes rope or first prizes wires, it was not intentional

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• 10/30/2018

opinion on baldi fangirls

what is your opinion on baldi fangirls
  • like them a lot and watcj them
  • like them
  • dont jate or like them
  • hate them
  • hate themmore
  • im not interested because i dont know what baldi fangirls are
  • omg what are those eww
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• 10/30/2018

is baldi actually faster then yourt running spee at 7 notebooks

i wonder back then he was b ut now it seems like he might be a tiny bit slower

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• 10/27/2018

How 2 Baldi

Hey guys so im starting a new series where I tell you how to do things in Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning it is How 2 Baldi I will start posting it every Thursday so if you have a struggle in the game suggest me saying how can you do it for example How 2 get in the secret ending I will answer but if I dont answer perhaps I will answer next week so suggest something before Next Thursday. See you next week

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• 10/21/2018
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• 10/18/2018
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• 10/17/2018

the ear nugget story is coming in November 25th 2018

here is a full body of ear nugget if you want to make your own ear nugget meme

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• 10/15/2018
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• 10/15/2018


I am Dialga Time Lord. (Was going to write something else but couldn’t think of anything else)

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• 10/14/2018

which villian do you like the most

which villian do you like the most

which villian do you like the most
  • baldi
  • the neighbor
  • bendy
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• 10/14/2018

which do you like the most?

which villian do you like the most

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• 10/8/2018

which do you like the most?

  • Ear nugget
  • baldi
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