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So I downloaded Baldi's Basics from the website and once it was done downloading I went to the file and tried playing it when i tried opening it I got a error that says "The program can't start because UnityPlayer.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." So I tried reinstalling and it still doesn't work. What do I do?/
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Try deleting Unity and reinstalling it to your computer, or restart your computer.
I don't even have unity..
Just look for the BALDI.X_X_X file (there will be numbers where the x's are) right click it, extract all, then it'll give you the option to choose where you put the file. I put it in the download section. Click extract, then once it's extracted click on the extracted file and it'll open. You'll see 3 different files. Click the one that says "BALDI" and has an icon beside the text. You can move the icon to your desktop at this point. boom. game.
That happened to me too and that's how I resolved it.
you don't? download unity!
You don't need unity if you do what I tell you.
Still doesn't work even after what you told me to do same error message
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