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So, after this month, we finally had some huge changes, as well as some big renovations. From renaming 'Baldi's Basics Wiki' to Baldipedia(It will always be Baldi's Basics Wiki. Baldipedia is a nickname.), to having a Discord server, to even having Achievements implemented, it is safe to say that Baldipedia is so far successful! Gaining lots, and lots of new members migrating here! So, you might be thinking: What are you saying? What i'm saying is, I have some plans for the Wiki, as well as helping develop more stuff that'll make the Wiki have more of a High-end feel. We also will be trying to keep the discord active, and host events on that discord too, such as game night. (psst, if you haven't joined: Anyway, thanks for being with us for the past couple days, to even this month. It really means a lot to us that this Wiki is still alive and relevant. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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