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• 6/2/2018

New rules idea

No, i'm not asking for a different set of rules, Just add "In the halls" to the rules

Please keep Profanity to a minimum in the halls. Don't spam profane language.

No Spamming in the halls, it's annoying after a while.

No editing other's profiles in the halls, it's disrespectful.

Do not Vandalize in the halls. Vandalizing other's pages is not cool, and will not be taken lightly. Only make edits that matter to the page itself.

No Harassing in the halls. It is not needed..
The Fandom Terms of Use also apply to the wiki.

Do not give other users warnings in the halls. Only staff members are allowed to give out warnings.
If you require assistance, contact one of the available admins.

Do not create useless and/or irrelevant pages in the halls, including by not limited to fan-characters, Joke Characters, Games that are not official, ports that are not official, or any false information that CANNOT be found in the Game's files, or unconfirmed by the developer. This page is specifically for official in-game content, not a personal playground. Keep off topic posts on YOUR Profile.

Do not advertise your Wiki, and Discord. on Pages, Comments, Discussion Posts, etc in the halls. Only advertise those two on your own profile. (PS. approved links such as: Twitter, DeviantArt, and Steam Group are allowed to be advertised.)

No discrimination of gender, race, or sex in the halls. Everybody is human, and so are you.
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• 6/2/2018
Also do the warnings in the same way
"No spamming in the halls, detention for you, you should know better"
• 6/2/2018
I love this lol great idea
• 6/2/2018
I like this idea, though the warnings that start with "Do not" should be changed to "No" to more fit the principal.
For example, "Do not give other users warning in the halls" should just be "No giving other users warning in the halls"
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