Welcome to the Schoolhouse!
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• 6/3/2018

Custom made character fest!

Include pictures, and stuff about it.
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• 6/3/2018
Welcome, Tattletale! Tattletale is much like Principal of the thing, as he gives punishments when you break the rules. He gives 5 second punishments with 5 second increments increasing. This character is much more strict, yet he has a shorter radius, however if he finds you, he will be much faster than the Principal! His lines include: "I'm telling-g-g-g" "5 Seconds" "10 Seconds" "15 Seconds" "20 Seconds" (And so on onto 99 Seconds) "Dad will hear this-s-s-s" "Stay put-t-t-t" "Don't break the rules-s-s-s"
• 6/3/2018
no. No. NO. NOOO
• 6/3/2018
Meet the Here School Mascoot!
"Almost every school has a mascot! The mascot of the Here school is a Lobster with an arrow shirt! He tries to be as active and fun with students as possible by making them do a little dance with them."
Basically, he is like Playtime, but the minigame is easier and faster. You have to press a random selection of button presses 4 times.
He can mostly be seen at the Cafeteria, so be careful if he is there and you are chased by Baldi, because he IS really fast, even if in a costume.
His lines are basically parade cheers, but reversed and distorted.
• 6/4/2018
Can you not just pixelate images?!
• 6/9/2018
• 9/5/2018
Trumpet Spy: This guy will constantly track you down and when he gets close to you, he blows a trumpet and you go deaf for 1 minute. If he does it again it's 5 minutes. 3rd time (max) is 10 minutes.

Lines: "*trumpet sound*" "I'M BACK!" "hi im here"
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