The Alarm Clock is an item in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning that can be found in a Faculty Room.


The Alarm Clock has a blue rim with two black stands on the bottom of it. There are four lines signifying 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00. The clock has a white interior with the word TIME on it, replacing the arms, and two golden bells on the top. Although the Alarm Clock appears to be small, it appears to be much bigger when The Protagonist places it.


Alarm clock

The Alarm Clock in action.

After using the item, the clock will be put down on the floor, and 30 seconds later, it will start making noise. When it starts making noise, Baldi will hear it and go towards it. Baldi will not pay attention to most of the other sounds unless he sees you or reaches the clock. When Baldi does reach the clock, he will destroy it.

The item works just like the Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting item and the Noise Phone, except that the alarm clock takes 30 seconds for it to actually effect Baldi's hearing.


  • It was added in the V1.3 Update.
  • The game's creator Mystman12 describes the Alarm Clock's mechanics for those who don't understand how it works.[1]
  • Despite the clock having no hands, it still works just fine.
  • The left side of the clock appears to be slightly broken, as the pixels don't match up.
  • It doesn't go off until the player picks it up and place it.
  • In one of the kickstarter images, Baldi's head is replaced by an Alarm Clock, while the real head is off his body.


When The Clock ends.
The clock in action.






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