There are likely few random art/drawn walls found on Hallway walls in Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning.

Mailbox Comic

A four pictured short poorly-drawn comic can be found printed on the wall, depicting Baldi himself. The first picture shows Baldi standing next to the mailbox, saying "Ladies and gentlemen.". The second picture shows Baldi introducing the mailbox as he said "As you can see... This is a mailbox.". The third picture shows Baldi opening the mailbox while saying "I shall open it!". The fourth last picture shows Baldi biting the mailbox with his teeth in such a way it's like he's opening the mailbox with his teeth, as he states "Wif my teeth!" (notice that the word "With" is misspelled as "Wif"). The comic is split into two files, refferred as "comic00.png" and "comic01.png"

Sketch Wall

An unusual-looking drawing seen on one of the walls, showing a simple sketch-drawing of a man's face. The texture for the drawing is referred as "what.png" from the game files.



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