For the machine, see BSODA Machine.

BSoda is an item in Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning, and it can be found anywhere in the Here School or in a BSoda Machine.

The slogan for BSODA is "Restart_ Refresh_ BSODA".


BSoda is a navy blue can with white text saying the slogan: "Restart_



It has a grey top and bottom, like an average can.


BSoda can push almost all characters in-game. It's a Bully is the only exception. When used, it spits out a spray that has same color as the can.



  • BSoda is similar to Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize. The difference between the three is that BSoda is an item the player can use to push characters and other items, while Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize are characters which can push the player and other characters.
  • You can use the Quarter in the BSoda machine to obtain BSoda.
  • The BSoda can be used to temporarily stall Baldi.
  • This can be useful if you're playing with Playtime, while Baldi is behind you.
  • BSoda can also be found on a table in the Cafeteria.
  • The BSoda possibly references a Blue Screen of Death, a screen displayed when a critical error occurs on a Windows OS.
    • The slogan further reflects this.
    • The acronym for blue screen of death, BSoD, is the basis of the spelling of BSODA.
  • BSoda can be used to open doors.
  • BSoda will last until the character being pushed by it runs into a wall.
  • This and Energy Flavored Zesty Bar are the most common items in the game.
  • BSoda can go through walls.
  • Prior to update version 1.3, the sound of opening up the BSoda was not implemented.
  • In a couple of the earliest versions of the game, the BSoda would pass right through Baldi instead of pushing him back. In a later version, this was fixed.
  • BSoda does, affect the Principal of the Thing if the player tries to use it on him. He will still say 'No drinking drinks in the halls', making the BSoda spray stall until you get detention.


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