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This page might contain potential spoilers for Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning. Please play the game before reading this page!

Baldi's Office is an office that can only be accessed in the secret ending of Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning. The entrance to the office is a green door with the words "Baldi's Office" plastered onto it using the font Comic Sans MS.


The office itself has a blue floor and is very empty. Inside are various random things, such as a very distorted Baldi and a banana. At the back of the room is Filename2, a mysterious character which little information is known about. He stands behind a desk and chair, with a chalkboard behind him. Walking up to him triggers a secret message.


The game automatically closes after Filename2 finishes talking.


  • This location is added to update version 1.3.
    • It is impossible to reach this door normally in V1.3.[1]
    • However, it is possible to get here if the code is tweaked.
  • The room resembles the main menu screen since it has some of the game's words on the chalkboard.[2]
  • Unlike other doors, Baldi's Office door opened is not transparent and looks like a glitchy mess. Despite its lack of transparency, the player can still normally go through the door.
  • It is the only room that is not connected to Here School.
  • Baldi's Office shares the same name with Principal's Office.





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