Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape (BAHaDT for short) is an item that can only be used once in Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning.


The Baldi's Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape appears to be a clear but colourful cassette tape, with 2 reels with one of them storing the actual tape. To the right of them there are grey pieces, which would contain all of the parts that the tape feeds through and onto the other reel.


It can be used to deter Baldi away from you for a short period of time. The item will disappear from the inventory once you inject the tape into the Tape Player, which is located in the Principal's Office. Afterwards, the player will be unable to use the tape recorder. This is especially useful if you're in Detention, as that's when you're usually the most vulnerable to getting caught by Baldi.


The tone that the tape emits when played.


  • It was originally simply called "Tape" in the game's earliest version before update version 1.1. The name was changed probably so players could understand its purpose.
    • Also, It used to play helpful sound clips that would tell you about the characters. (except It's a Bully)
  • The Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape's name was Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting before version 1.3, when the word Tape was added.
  • In game, the sound the tape makes varies in pitch due to the Doppler effect.



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