The Cafeteria is a place in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, where multiple items can be found, like BSODA and the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar. Found here is a BSODA Machine, which dispenses BSODA.



The cafeteria from another angle.

The Cafeteria is a large rectangular room that has tables with floating trays of food. The room has grey walls and a (possibly) tiled floor. The ceiling appears to be a black void. While most of the food is just for show, some items are able to be obtained by the player such as the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar and BSODA.


  • This is the largest room in Here School.
  • This is the only room that has no visible ceiling.
    • The ceiling is just a black void.
  • The cafeteria is still part of the hallway, so if the Principal of the Thing catches the player running in the cafeteria, they will still receive detention.
  • The cafeteria is the only room to have a unique wall texture.
  • There was going to be an area outside the school next to the cafeteria that would be accessed by using a yellow door, but it was scrapped due to game limitations and replaced by an exit.




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