The Chalkboards can be found in Classrooms, and Faculty Rooms. In total, there are 11 chalkboards (one hidden), with various writings, including a reference to the internet series Homestar, 'Lore', and various other joke statements. It is currently unknown whether the Chalkboard will contain actual lore to the game.


  • There is a hidden chalkboard with a bunch of 99s scribbled on it, and the words "THIS PROGRAM IS A CANCER".
  • One of the lessons on the chalkboards is how to eat cheese. This might mean that the people that go to that classrooms don’t know how to eat.
  • One of the chalkboards says, “Doug, dab again and pay.” This might be implying that someone called Doug will be a character implemented in the future, though it's currently unknown and fairly unlikely.
  • In V1.3, the chalkboard, "Sorry, ran out of time to add more subjects" changes into "Sorry, was too lazy to add more subjects." It, as well as the one that references Homestar appears to be written in a different way than all the other chalkboards.



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