Classrooms are rooms where the player can find Notebooks in Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning.


Classrooms are large rooms placed around the school. Every classroom has 10 desks with chairs, a teacher's desk, a chalkboard with something written on it, (which can vary depending on which classroom you're in) pencils and papers on some of the students' desks, and a notebook on the teacher desk.


  • There are 7 classrooms in the school.
  • There is a notebook in each classroom.
  • Every classroom has a blue door with the number 99 on it.
  • Every classroom has blue carpet flooring.
  • Each Chalkboard has something different written on it depending on the classroom.
  • Every classroom has roughly 8-10 desks facing one wider desk (Assumed to be the "Student's" and "Teacher's" desks, likewise). They are arranged differently in different rooms, and one even has them all flipped over.
  • They are one of the most common areas in the game.
  • Principal of the Thing is the only character that can enter classrooms while passive.
    • Previously, Playtime could also be passive while entering, but this was changed.
    • Baldi can only enter classrooms if the player is also in them.
  • Papers and Pencils can occasionally be seen in the rooms.



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