Death Screens appear as some form of game over screens that occur in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning that happen when Baldi catches the player. There are 6 death screens.


A random image will display when Baldi catches the protagonist before sending back to the menu screen; a blue fidget spinner, glasses case, pink scissors, telescope, and a music box.

On a rare occasion, a small, orange rectangle with the number "99" half-cropped-away will appear after Baldi catches the player. After a few seconds, a jumpscare will occur with the half cropped away 99 box (now in a reddish hue) appearing close to the screen while making loud distorted noises, which in the game files is called 'ohno.wav' and then crashing the game after a few seconds.

All of the objects are all higher quality than the rest of the game itself except the half cropped 99 box.


  • This plays when the jumpscare occurs. (WARNING: Loud)


  • The pink scissors may be the Safety Scissors found in-game.
  • The music box might be a reference to Playtime's theme in V 1.3.
  • It is a possibility that some of these items may play a future role in the full game.



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