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Death screens appear as some form of game over screens that occur in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning when Baldi catches the player. There are 6 death screens.


A random image will display when Baldi catches the Player before sending back to the menu screen; a blue fidget spinner, glasses case, pink scissors, telescope, and a music box.

99 Dead Screen Red

Jumpscare after cropped "99" appears on the screen.

On a rare occasion, a small, orange rectangle with the number "99" half-cropped-away will appear after Baldi cathing the player. After a brief seconds, a jumpscare will occur with the half cropped away 99 box (now in a reddish hue) appearing close to the screen while making loud distorted noises (which in the game files is called "ohno.wav") and then crashing the game after a few seconds.

All of the objects are all higher quality than the rest of the game itself except the half cropped 99 box.


Audio Description
This plays when the "99" rectangle's jumpscare occurs.




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