Doors are one of the major mechanics of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. They allow access to different locations, except the secret door, and also can be the key for Baldi to know the player's exact location.


There are five different types of doors: blue doors, faculty doors, yellow doors, green doors, and a secret door.

Blue doors

Door 0

Blue doors are very common and usually connect to classrooms where the player can find notebooks. Principal of the Thing and Playtime can open blue doors while Baldi phases through them. Blue doors also connect to the principal's office and the closet.

To open a blue door, the player must left-click on the door.

Faculty doors

FacultyDoor 0

Faculty doors appear to be wooden with the title "School Faculty Only" on it. They lead to faculty rooms where the player can find more powerful equipment like the Principal's Keys, Energy Flavored Zesty Bars, and Alarm Clocks. Like blue doors, the player must left-click to open.

If the player enters a faculty room near the Principal of the Thing, they will get placed in detention.

Yellow doors


Yellow doors are littered through the hallways and are always found double-doored, and have windows. Every entity excluding It's a Bully can open this door. This door does not need left-clicking to open but instead requires physical contact but the player can still left-click to open them.

These doors also lead to the cafeteria where the player can find items, including BSoda, the BSODA Machine, and an Energy Flavored Zesty Bar.

These doors also lead through one of the 4 exits found while in the Final Mode.

The yellow doors can be locked by a yellow door lock, preventing anybody from opening it including Baldi and the player for around 10 seconds.

Field Trip demo also has this door, but it connects to the outside of the school.

Green door


The green door is exclusive for Baldi's Office which can only be found in the secret ending and it has Baldi and Filename2 behind it.

Secret door

It can be found in Field Trip demo. If you go past Baldi's Bus and go behind the school box, You can see the "NO" signs and a door with PlaceFace in it.


  • All blue doors read the classroom number "99".
  • Yellow doors have a visible opening which the player can use to view incoming danger.
  • There are 24 doors altogether in Here School.
    • However, if Baldi's Office is counted, then it will be 25 in total.
    • Also, if you count the yellow door to outside and the secret door in the field trip demo, It would be 27.
  • When the player starts the game, they will be unable to access the 3 yellow doors in front of them and to the right and left until they've collected 2 notebooks.
  • These doors can be used with WD-NoSquee to make them silent, preventing them from being heard by Baldi.
  • Opening yellow doors will slightly slow the player down when opening.
  • All doors are not models but just 2D textures; there are two textures for each door (Open and Closed).
  • When opened, the opened section of the door for Baldi's Office is not transparent, and instead, distorted. The player can still pass through the door.
  • More yellow doors were added in V1.3.2.


Sound Description
Door open
The sound when opening a normal door.
Door close
The sound when a door closes.
Swingdoor open
The sound when opening a yellow door.



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