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This page might contain potential spoilers for Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning. Please play the game before reading this page!

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning has two endings that correspond to the decisions made by the protagonist before they walk into the exit and complete the game, besides the third.

Field Trip Demo has, so far, one ending.

Normal Ending

The normal ending will end with the message, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU WON!" and have Baldi standing by the chalkboard, like the title screen of the game, but with a simplified color palette. In V1.3, Filename2's voice speaks to the player for a brief moment, saying, "Wow, Great Job! *clapping sound effects* Please try to do worse though, I need to *long beep*". The game ends after he finishes speaking.


Secret Ending

The secret ending is given to the player if they fail all 21 questions across all 7 notebooks. This ending shows an image that says "You Won! There's room for improvement though... Go see Baldi in his office for some tips!" and behind the text, the player can see a frowning Baldi in the background. If the player turns around, they will see a door in a hallway labeled Baldi's Office. Entering this door brings them to a distorted version of Baldi and Filename2, who shares a message with them before the game crashes.

Death Ending

The death ending occurs when Baldi catches the Player. It is a black screen with something relating to school or is commonly used with children. A rare half 99 box will rarely appear and follow up with a jump scare and the game crashing.

Field Trip Demo Ending

This ending appears to be a winning screen when the time runs out while the player survives by constantly putting firewood into the campfire. When this happens, it will say "Wow-time you won!" as it will tell the player their final score and would say at the bottom (This is where you'd get some great rewards based on your score in the full game!). It also plays a little jingle that is similar to the title screen. However, the jingle plays in a rather different tone.



  • The secret ending was impossible to get in V1.3 normally. The creator of the game, Mystman12, says that it was supposed to work, but there was an error in the coding.[1]
  • Back in the older updates starting from version 0.0.0 to V1.2.2, the same normal ending image lacks the dialogue audio of Filename2, leaving the game to close after a few seconds. This was later changed for update version 1.3.
  • While it seems impossible to get 21 questions wrong without Baldi reaching a speed that the player has no chance of escaping, the V1.3 update makes it so that Baldi's speed only increases if at least 1 question is wrong per notebook, instead of each incorrectly answered problem making him faster.




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