Endless Mode is an alternate game mode which, as its name suggests, never ends. It features a high score system that counts how many Notebooks the player has collected.


After the player collects the second Notebook, the 3rd question on every Notebook after will be possible to beat, but Baldi accelerates overtime and each notebook slows him down a bit. If the player does get all the questions right, the You Can Think! Pad™ will display one of two messages. One of them says "That's more like it...", and the other one says "Keep up the good work or see me after class...". However, that doesn't mean that Baldi will stop chasing the player.



  • The mode was added in the V1.3.
  • When respawning, the notebooks will make a sound.
  • The second notebook is the only one to have a glitched answer.
  • There is some red text that appears when the player beat their record saying "WOAH WOW KAZOW! THAT'S A NEW HIGHEST SCORE!".
  • In the icon, Baldi is drowning in notebooks. He has his thumbs up, which may be a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    • Baldi putting his thumbs up means that Baldi might be saying "Good luck!" or "I'm fine."


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