Endless Mode is the secondary game mode in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, added in V1.3. Unlike Story Mode, the objective is not to collect all 7 notebooks and escape Here School. Instead, the goal is to collect as many notebooks as possible until Baldi catches them.


Upon starting, the game-play is no different until the Player reaches the third notebook. Instead of it having an unsolvable third question, each question is answerable, as well as all of the notebooks after. Aside from this, Baldi's behavior also changes. While he will still become faster should the Player answer a problem incorrectly, he will gradually become faster on his own, even if the Player answers every question they can correctly. After a certain amount of time, Baldi's speed will become so fast that he will be practically impossible to avoid, meaning that in order to achieve a high score, they must get as many notebooks as possible beforehand.


  • When respawning, the notebooks will make a sound.[1]
  • There is some red text that appears when the Player collected more notebooks their record saying "WOAH WOW KAZOW! THAT'S A NEW HIGHEST SCORE!".
  • In the icon, Baldi is drowning in notebooks. He has one of his thumbs up, which may be a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    • Baldi putting his thumb up means that Baldi might be saying "Good luck!" or "I'm fine."
  • After V1.4 update, the Endless Mode button and the "BACK" button were switched.


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