For the machine, see Zesty Machine.

The Energy Flavored Zesty Bar (EFZB) is an item found in few places of Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning.


The Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is a chocolate bar with a purple, white and green wrapper that is peeled halfway off. 4/8 of the wrapper is green, 3/8 is white, and 1/8 is purple.


Candy Bar

Energy Flavored Zesty Bar in a Faculty Room.

Right-clicking the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar refills the player's stamina bar and allows them to run for a short amount of time without losing any stamina. After a few seconds, the player will have the same amount of stamina when they didn’t eat the Zesty Bar.

It's best to use the Zesty Bar towards the end of the game when Baldi is a lot faster, as that the player is going to want to have as much stamina as they can.




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