The Faculty Rooms are multiple rooms in Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning that are listed to not go inside on one of the School Rules. If the Principal of the Thing catches the player going in, out, and inside of the Faculty Rooms, it will result in getting put into the Principal's Office for detention.

Appearance & Use

These rooms appear similar to Classrooms, as there is a blue carpet and a chalkboard. However, a Zesty Machine can be found and there are picnic tables that can have useful items on top of them. Faculty Only Rooms also typically have more than one exit, meaning they can be used as a shortcut to avoid Baldi, Gotta Sweep, or other obstacles. The chalkboards in all but one of these rooms say "Today's lesson: How to eat cheese."


  • Strangely, Playtime can enter these types of rooms without getting in trouble. This may, however, be for gameplay purposes. Or maybe she is just allowed to go wherever she whats as she has "special education."
  • Unlike all the other doors, this one has a wood texture and all the rest are only one color.
  • There are 5 faculty rooms altogether.



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