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This page might contain potential spoilers for Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning. Please play the game before reading this page!
Wow, great job. *static skids resembling clapping noises* Please try and do worse though I need to- *Long Beep*
— Filename2 when the protagonist beats Story Mode (Normal Ending)

Filename2 is a corrupted character from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. He can only be found in Baldi's Office after fulfilling the requirements for the secret ending and can be heard in the normal end screen.


He appears to be a T-posing set of clothes, hair, and eyes. He wears a blue set of jeans and a red T-Shirt. He claims that he is corrupted and warns The Protagonist to never tell anyone about the game, close it, and never play it again.


Filename2 is located in a room with a green door labeled "Baldi's Office". You start off in a short hallway with one wall stating "You won! There's room for improvement though. Go see Baldi in his office for some tips!", and with Baldi's frowning face behind it. The protagonist can then enter Baldi's Office. Once entering the room, there will be a huge distorted model of Baldi in the center with his head in the ceiling and other parts of his model in the floor. He does not move, however. Filename2 will be standing behind a desk with a banana to his right floating in the air, a chair in front of the desk, and the blackboard from the game's menu screen.

If the protagonist waits for him to finish his dialogue, the game will crash.


Sound Transcript Description
"Oh jeepers, you found me! Good job, I'm glad you found me. Look I have something... kind of important t-to say- *beep* It's about th-the game... Don't- *beep* Uh, Eh. Don't- *beep* Don't, just, *laughter* this is.. This is probably looking pretty ridiculous- *beep* Don't tell anyone about this game. You wanna.. Don't, don't bring attention to yourself. Destroy it, destroy the game. Destroy the game... before it's too late. *beep* What I'm saying is... is get out of this, while you still can. *beep* Just, don't.. don't know that you probably know I'm not saying that I'm trapped inside the game, no, that would be ridiculous. No I'm.. *beep* I can't... this is... I'm not... the game was... kind of...*beep* I got really corrupted. Yeah, I... *beep* I don't know what to say. Just... Just trust me. We gotta- *beep* This isn't... This seems... I me-I mean it seems... oh. *beep* They'd know I.. They intentionally... that's...I guess... I can't- They can't tell you, and some... stuff is classified. I can't say it. *beep* I wish I could say more. I can't talk normally. I-it's corrupted. There's-*beep*...Yeah...*beep* Just... close the program. Destroy it. Never come back. *long beep*" Plays when the player enter Baldi's Office.
"Wow, great job. *static skids* Please try and do worse though I need to- *Long Beep*" Plays when the player got 6-20 questions wrong in the ending.


  • In V1.3 of the game, the secret ending is broken. Filename2 is supposed to say his dialogue and then the game is supposed to close afterward, however, a coding mistake causes the game to close the moment Filename2 starts speaking.
  • His dialogue is most likely parodying many common clichés and tropes seen in other "meta" horror games.
  • His dialogue seems to be improvised, even breaking into laughter halfway through.
  • He could represent the creator of the game.
  • Filename2 is the only passive NPC in the game.
  • It's a high possibility he's the one telling the player not to download the game on the page, as he does not want the player to play this game.[1]
  • Filename2 breaks the fourth wall, telling the player to delete the game. This does not land him into detention despite the fact that one of the School Rules is "no fourth-wall breaks", as Principal of the Thing isn't around at the time.
  • He is one of two characters who do not attend Here School. The other being Cloudy Copter.
  • Filename2 is the only character that is locked in one place the entire game. It's a Bully can teleport around, and therefore does not follow this criteria.
  • Filename2's voice is also heard at the end of the Kickstarter video, congratulating the player on finishing the video.
  • In the Kickstarter video, a man with the same clothes and haircut can be seen doing a t-pose during a short sequence after Mystman12 starts laughing.





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