Broom "Gotta sweep sweep sweep!"
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Go out into the woods and collect firewood, then bring it back to refill the fire.
— Baldi explaining about collecting sticks for the campfire.

Sticks (or Firewood) are the items the protagonist needs to collect in the game Baldi's Basics - Field Trip.


Sticks have a similar appearance to logs. The stick appears to be sliced or torn in half longways, showing its lighter colored brown insides.


Baldis basics camping trip stick

A stick as seen in the forest

Sticks are scattered around the Forest and must be collected to keep the campfire lit. Using the sticks to keep the campfire going awards points. If you have more than one stick, you get slower. If the fire is put out, Baldi will start chasing the player with a stick, similarly to how he behaves in the original game. Baldi will be so fast, however, that the player will not be able to escape from him unless the player performed a hack.




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