Here School (also known as Schoolhouse, or alternatively The Thing) is the setting of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. It also appears in Baldi's Basics - Field Trip at the beginning of the demo.


Here School is the assumed name of the school house. The game takes place in, as the school is referred to as "here school" in It's a Bully's bio. The true name of the school is unknown, nor is there a plaque saying the name outside.


  • In Final Mode, when the player walks up to an exit, pictures of the map (look at the gallery for info) will appear.
  • In the Field Trip demo, the player can go outside the building and get on Baldi's bus.
  • If the player was to view the school from the Outside Yards, they'd find the player can see through the walls. This is due to the way the game engine applies textures to the map.
  • Here School seems to lack some aspects of a proper school, such as a library.
  • The Principal of the Thing's name suggests that the school could be called "The Thing", which clashes with the other alleged name, Here School.
    • An aspect that counters this theory is the fact that his name is a play on words of the phrase "It's the principle of the thing".
    • This could also mean that no characters other than Baldi fully understand what a school is.




Here School

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