A list of unseen characters that were only mentioned in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning but never make a physical appearance anywhere.


Player's friend

School is out, but your friend has a problem!
— "HOW TO PLAY" story screen.
A friend of the Player that has lost his seven notebooks from Here School but does not got enough time to get them. Instead, he asked the Player to reclaim the notebooks so he will not be late for eating practice.

Player's parents

Your parents will hear about this one.
— Principal of the Thing
Putting to detention, the parents of the Player are only mentioned once by the Principal of the Thing as saying that he will discuss them about the Player's school rule violation.



Doug mentioned in the chalkboard.

Doug, dab again and pay.
— Chalkboard
Doug, a member of Here School, is mentioned in the chalkboard found in one classroom where the cyan notebook is found. The chalkboard mentions Doug on paying money when he dabs again. It is unknown if he's either a student or school staff.



Main Protagonist

The Player

Here School members

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Field Trip-only characters

Cloudy Copter

Easter Egg characters


Mentioned Characters Cut Characters