The Noise Phone is a one-use phone that costs one quarter to use.


The Noise Phone has white buttons with the numbers 0-9 and the symbols, * and #. There is a rectangular screen which displays 25 cents. When a quarter is inserted, the Noise Phone transforms into an in-use Tape Player as there is no in-use sprite unique to the Noise Phone in the game, used or unused.


It is essentially the same as Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting, and Baldi will go either towards or away from the Noise Phone. This can be used to further confuse Baldi, and distract him for a while, so the player can obtain more notebooks. If the player is in Baldi's sight when they insert a quarter, then he will still come after them, as he can see them. Sometimes, It's a Bully can be seen standing in front the phone making the player give him a item or waiting for him to go away.




Game Mechanics
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