Notebooks (misspelled as Noteboos) are the main objective items in the game that supposedly belong to the Protagonist's friend.


Story Mode

Touching the first notebook will open the You Can Think! Pad™, which prompts the first 3 normal math problems that can be solved easily. However, touching other notebooks will bring up the same pad, and an unsolvable, possibly corrupted, math problem as the third and last question.

When the player eventually collects all seven notebooks (and thus gets at least six questions wrong), Baldi will become extremely fast (faster than the Player's sprinting speed) and rush at the Player. At this time Arts and Crafters will also become a new threat to the player.

The new objective is to then find an exit and finish the game when all 7 notebooks are obtained, unless the player is playing Endless Mode.


When playing in Endless Mode, there is no limit to the notebooks you collect. After a certain amount of time, the notebooks will respawn in random rooms, and a chime plays to notify you of their presence. If the player finds a notebook in this mode, the unsolvable math problems (aside from the 2nd notebook) will be solvable, but Baldi will still accelerate in speed while the player is trying to find them. When the player gets caught by Baldi, the amount of notebooks they collected is their high score for Endless if the player collected more than they did last time.


The notebooks are spiral notebooks found in classrooms hovering on the teachers' tables. The colors that they appear in according to the files, the notebooks can be (in order) Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Red, and Salmon.



  • It is possible to hack the game to make the 3rd answer for the 2nd to 7th notebooks solvable. However, not everything is fully loaded until the player gets a question wrong.
  • In the How to Play page from the game menu screen, notebooks is misspelled as "noteboos". Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.
  • Every time a notebook is collected, it is moved to under the map, as seen in the screenshots above.
  • The red notebook appears in two rooms, the messy and where the tables are twice the size.
  • Your Friend forgot these notebooks in class, so your objective is to get all 7 of them.


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