A list of short music tracks for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning and Baldi's Basics - Field Trip.

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning


The music used for the game's main menu screen. The music does not loop after it ends.

Mus Intro


A 1990's-styled nostalgia music plays for the start of the game, looping until the player gets the answer wrong on either one of two beginning notebooks.

Mus School


This music plays and loops when using the You Can Think! Pad™ while solving math problems. It stops when the player gets the math answer wrong, following with the short "Hang" track.

The track itself is only 4 notes with clap noises in the background.

Mus Learn


It plays before the silence when the player got the answer incorrect at the beginning of the game.

Mus hang


This is not an actual music but instead an atmospheric ambient heard inside the Cafeteria. The ambient itself is extremely quiet, and if the volume is turned up high enough, one can hear the sound of the quiet radio static along with something like screaming or shouting from elementary school students.


Loud Noise

A loud non-musical "power electronic noise" will start playing while the player searching for another (2nd) exit after collecting all seven notebooks. As the noise progress, it will grow louder while slowly turning into a painful sound resembling a speeding car or motorcycle. It also plays in the "Thank You" video made by Mystman after the Kickstarter reached its goal. (WARNING: LOUD)

Loud noise 3

Playtime's Theme

Playtime now plays a short jingle when the player is nearby. Quoting from the official Playtime's wiki: "This jingle appears to be a combination of "Ring around the Rosie", “A Tisket, A Tasket” and "It's Raining, It's Pouring," all of them are popular nursery rhymes.

It was added to update version 1.3.

Mus Playtime-sharedassets2.assets-511

Baldi's Basics - Field Trip

Nature Ambience

Plays and loops during gameplay. Its an outdoor ambience in which crickets chirping can be heard in the environment.



This plays when time runs out similar to the intro, but in a different tone. It does not loop after that.


Lengthy/Hayride Too I Don't Even Care

Plays in the warning screen and in the kickstarter video. The track is a jovial and upbeat track with accordian-like sounds and snare like drums.


Soundtrack/Creepy Old Computer

Note: Soundtrack is an actual name.

Plays in the ending screen and in the kickstarter video. The track is very ambient and almost eerie, ending with a high note that almost sounds like night vision goggles. The beginning part is played but in a different tone throughout the track. The track was also used in the "Thank You" video made by Mystman after the Kickstarter reached its goal.



  • The music was made by using Music Maker that comes from an old software called Adventure Maker.
  • The music was made to sound like a .midi file which a lot of 90s games used to cut back storage space, although the music for Baldi's Basics was made to make the game feel more "90s" and nostalgic.
  • The music, despite sounding like a .midi, is saved as .Wav files in the game files.
  • The instrument used for Playtime's Jingle is Instrument Number 10: Music Box.


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