The Outside Yards are the only inaccessible areas located just outside of Here School from Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning. They serve no real purpose in the game other than being a decoration to represent the outside world.


The Outside Yards feature a cyan-colored sky with clouds made up of off-white spheres. The yard itself is dark green grass with a fern-like texture, surrounded by light brown picket fences on the borders. The room seems to have nothing important as it is inaccessible to the Player.


  • Before the update on version 1.3, the outside area was an empty void with no ground layouts.
  • It seems like a house's backyard instead of a school's backyard.
  • The Outside Yards are not connected to anything; the school is still in the middle of nowhere.
  • It is possible to go out of bounds using cheats; however, the player won't find anything interesting, since it's only decoration as of now.
  • They bear some resemblance to the yards of Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • As said before, they are the only areas that are inaccessible to go through.
  • During the Final Mode, the picket fences will turn red once you've touched one of the first fake exits.



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