PlaceFace is a minor character who only appeared in the Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo as an Easter Egg.



A full view of PlaceFace's image from the game files.

In the game files, PlaceFace turns out as just a giant human head model with brown hair, brown eyebrows, light-brown eyes, a large nose, and red-lipped mouth.


Placeface easter egg

PlaceFace seen ingame.

If the player clips out of the map in the intro gameplay of the field trip demo and go behind, PlaceFace can be visibly seen located behind the yellow door between two "NO" sign poles. Lacking his own personal mechanic, PlaceFace himself has nothing to do with the player.


  • It's a Bully's head is a heavily distorted version of PlaceFace's actual head.
  • Before the update release of the field trip demo, PlaceFace is completely a scrapped character for the main game. In few screenshots[1][2] shown in Mystman12's Twitter, PlaceFace was used as a placeholder enemy used for testing A.I. Also seen in Mystman12's twitter, it is also seen in two pictures, one having the screen while texturing the double doors and PlaceFace behind the door (later predicts the field trip demo's update) and in the other he is talking about other textures with a picture of outside the map with PlaceFace to the right.
  • The overall model of PlaceFace's head may be a strong resemblance to the customizable Mii character. Interestingly, Mii for Nintendo consoles is Mystman12's interest.





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