There are six posters found in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning so far.

Most of the posters give some information about specific items and mechanics.

Poster Locations

In the hallway between the yellow door and the Noise Phone, there is a poster describing the Noise Phone and Baldi's weakness.

There is a poster reminding students to recycle their food found in the Cafeteria.

Somewhere around the Hallways, there is an attention poster about Faculty Rooms cannot be seen with windows, due to "unknown reasons" that have nothing to do with the game design.

Another poster gives information about the Safety Scissors, stating it is useful to cut things like papers (Unknown), jump ropes (that means Playtime), wiring (of 1st Prize), and homework (Unknown). This poster is located in one of the Notebook classrooms.

There is a poster giving information about using the WD-NoSquee to prevent any door from making any sounds. This poster is located in the Janitor's Closet about Baldi's hearing.

Known posters


  • In the oldest version, there is no poster giving info about the Noise Phone until V1.2.1.
  • There is no way to recycle food and cut homework or paper as of now.
  • In the kickstarter, everyone that donated $500 had a chance to submit their own picture to appear as a poster in the game.[1]


  1. Submit a photo to be featured as a poster in the game! It can be a picture of you, your pet, a piece of artwork, whatever you like! (So long as it's appropriate, of course.) - Kickstarter web page


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