Safety Scissors is an item found in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. It can be found in classrooms alongside a poster explaining what the Safety Scissors do, saying that they are used to cut paper, jump ropes, wiring, and homework.


The Safety Scissors are a pair of pink scissors with symmetrical circular finger holes and oval-shaped plastic blades similar to actual safety scissors.

Mechanics / Uses


A poster describing the Safety Scissor's usage.

  • They are able to cut Playtime's rope and skip her mini-game.
    • When the scissors are used on Playtime's skipping rope, her smile will turn into a frown. She will then say "Aww - That makes me sad!" She won't be able to play with you for a while when you cut the rope.
  • The player can also cut 1st Prize's wires to cause it to malfunction and spin for 15 seconds which prevents it from pushing you.
  • Both of these actions are what qualifies as "bullying" and will get the player in detention if seen by the Principal of the Thing.
    • However, in V1.3, the player didn't get detention by this.[1]
  • The Safety Scissors should typically be used on Playtime her being a large obstacle, although it's a good idea to use them on 1st Prize when absolutely necessary.


  • The Safety Scissors were added in V1.3.
  • Even though the poster says "great for cutting jump ropes and wiring", if the player does either with the Principal of the Thing in front of them, they will go to detention for bullying.
  • Playtime only recovers from the Safety Scissors next to a locker, implying that she replaces her broken jump rope with another.
    • However, it is unknown how 1st Prize recovers from the Safety Scissors.






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