There are many school objects for the game's environment around every room of Here School from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

2D Objects

There are papers, sheets with pencils, and notebooks (not to be confused with actual collectible ones of the same name) found laying on desks inside the Classrooms. The Protagonist can see a stickman on the paper but it can't be for sure. The notebooks on the table cannot be picked up, unlike the other notebooks that he/she need to collect. The player may have originally been able to pick the pencils up and use them to attack characters. An unused line "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls." by the Principal of the Thing supports this.

Inside the Principal's Office and few Faculty Rooms are earth globes. The size of the globes vary, some are a normal size but in some rooms, the globes are giant and seem to be clipping through the floor.

In the Cafeteria, there are multiple restaurant-based lunch meals on every table. The tray seems to have a drink and some bread or a burger inside of what looks like some tin foil.

In some places around the hallways and exit areas, there are tree-like plants.

In Baldi's Office, the player can find a banana above Baldi's desk. Not much is known about this banana or why it is in Baldi's Office.

3D Objects

Throughout the halls, there are many red lockers. These lockers can sometimes be used to the player's advantage (Dodging Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize). In the games files, there is an unused line said by the Principal of the Thing who says "No looking in other people's lockers in the halls". This suggests that the player was originally going to be able to search lockers.

Inside every Classroom and Faculty Room, there are tables and chairs. There are two different types of tables: 'Student tables' and 'Teacher tables'. The actual names of the tables are unknown. There is only one 'Teacher table' in each classroom but multiple 'Student tables'. The notebooks are stationed above the 'Teacher table' in each classroom.


World Objects
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