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Baldis basics story mode description

Story Mode is the main mode out of the two in Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning.


When Story Mode begins, you will be greeted with Baldi, who will explain how the game works. Once you get into a classroom, you will find a notebook. Interacting with it causes the You Can Think! Pad™ to appear on screen, with Baldi's face shown explaining how you can use the Pad to answer questions. The first Notebook will be simple and doable, Baldi congratulating you and giving you a Quarter when you've completed all of the answers.

Going to the second notebook, the two questions will be normal but the third is a jumble of randomized numbers. When Baldi says the numbers for the third question, this will prompt a loud glitchy noise rather than a number. You can't solve this one question (unless using a mod or cheat), which will kickstart the next stage of the game. Baldi will start chasing you with a ruler, each notebook you collect will prompt him to go faster since the third question is unsolvable.

The goal of this game mode is to collect all 7 notebooks, located in the classrooms. After achieving all 7, you will enter final mode, where you have to go to all four exits (except globe exit) to be able to win the game.


  • Story Mode was the only mode before V1.3, when Endless Mode was introduced.
  • This is the only mode with two endings so far, Normal and Secret.



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