The Tape Player is an object found in the Principal's Office of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.


It is nothing else than a 2D photo sprite of a black-tinted cassette player, in the same graphics as everything else.


It can be used in conjunction with the Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape to temporarily cause Baldi to stop chasing the player and either flee from or head towards the Tape Player. The Tape Player lasts for 30 seconds before stopping playback, so the player must move quickly to use it to full effect.

When inserting a Quarter into the Noise Phone, the Noise Phone disappears and a Tape Player is shown instead, working as if the Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape had already been used.


  • In the first earliest pre-update for the game's first release before V1.1, the noise the Tape Players make instead what sounds like a recorded message. Each of these tapes would give the Player some advice on what each of the characters does (excluding It's a Bully and 1st Prize (who wasn't implemented yet)).



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