Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, like other games, has hidden unused content in its game files. This page lists all the unused content that has been found in the game's files so far.

Unused Characters

Pencil Boy

While developing the Game Jam edition before the full game, there is a scrapped character referred to as "Pencil Boy", described as a little kid who would have taunt and stabbed the player with pencils.[1] If the Principal saw this happening, then he'd be brought to detention, evidenced by his unused quote "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls". This is based on when mystman12 was being stabbed by someone with a pencil at a dentist waiting room when he was young.

Tutorial Tape Recorder

On some of the earliest versions of the game's Game Jam edition, the noise the tape recorder made was placeholder sound, that instead plays the voice. Each of these tapes would give the Player some advice on what each of the characters do (excluding It's A Bully and 1st Prize).

Sound Description/Transcript Last Appearance
Is this - If you're hearing this then there's still a chance. I should probably give you some pointers. This is tape recording one. If you can hear this- I already said that. You're gonna need some tips. The most important thing: The teacher, or 'The Baldi Guy' You gotta not let him touch you, if he reaches you that's the end of everything. So don't let him touch you, just stay away from him. He can follow you based off sound, if you make noises he'll figure out where here- where that noise came from, so try to be quiet. So try to be quiet. However, there is one thing- one way you can use advantage of that. Loud noises such as this one will distract him from quieter noises, so as long as this is playing you can make quieter noises and he won't bother to look for them, he won't hear them until he figures out that this noise isn't you. So just be quiet and use noise to your advantage. Don't let Baldi touch you. V0.0.0
This is tape recording Number 2. One thing you need to watch out for is the principal of the thing, the- the creepy guy. He's- He's running around, um... He- he will ignore you, just fine, unless you're breaking one of the rules. If you're breaking any of the school rules, like running or he catches you in a faculty only room or if he sees you eating something, he will call after you and at that point there's no escape, he knows where you are, even if you go out of sight, so you can't hide, so. Basically, he touches you and then he takes you to detention, which is bad, because when you're in detention, Baldi can come in and reach you, which you know, you can't let that happen, this is really... really bad. So um... When you see him don't panic, just don't break any of the rules, unless you actually have to. Just be careful around him. Um... Walk past, stay cool... Stay cool... V0.0.0
Tape recording number 3. Um... Playtime, the little girl with the jumprope, she's um... She will see you and she will run after you, but um... sometimes if you're lucky she'll trip, that's good run away while you can. If she reaches you she will force you to play jump rope, and you won't be able to leave until you do 10 jumps or something, uh in a row, so you just have to... Stay calm, get the jumps, get them good, get them real great, and um... even if you see Baldi coming towards you, just stay calm and finish jump roping, and uh... you can get away, um whatever you say, um... that's good... Right there... V0.0.0
Tape recording number 4. Um... The sockpuppet... um... I'm not really sure about that thing. It just seems to wander... It just seems to stay away from you, um... Kinda shy, like, he just kinda goes away if you look at him, and he never comes th... I've never seen him close to anybody, so you probably won't have to worry about him, um... But then again you never really know with... with these things but... but that's all I know about sockpuppet, I think his name is "Arts and Crafters" or something, but, don't quote me on that one... Yeah... that's... Can't really... Can't really... Oh my gosh hold on I gotta go. V0.0.0
Um... Tape recording number 5... I forgot...  "Gotta Sweep", he's the janitor... He just... All he does really is if he comes out the janitor closet really often and... wanders around real fast sweeping, and if he touches you or anything for that matter, then he'll just sweep you up... along. You can use this to your advantage if you need to get somewhere, you'll get away fast, but also keep in mind that if he sweeps up one of the characters, or you know... he's gonna take them for quite a distance... So if he picks up like Baldi or something you'd better run or get out of the way. You can't get out of the sweep buddy, um... It can be quite difficult... at times... He only pops up a few times, he doesn't target anything in particular, he just goes around randomly. Just sometimes he'll send you away so, um... Yeah... he keeps the place clean too which is nice,  but, that's about all that's really that nice, about everything, here, going on... Uhh... yeah, okay um... gotta go, again... V0.0.0

Unused Items


A Slingshot was possibly going to be an item in the game which the player would probably use to defend themselves against Baldi and possibly other characters.

This is suggested by an audio file about the Slingshot that's called "MEC_SLINGSHOT".

MEC SLINGSHOT-sharedassets2.assets-564

This was later on used as a sound where the player puts the tape in the tape recorder, and even the fake exits.

According to one of Mystman12's tweets[2], the sound was intended to be used in a pinball game he is working on.

Unused Mechanics

Lockers with items

Lockers would have had items stored inside, which the player could be able to open. This feature was removed since it would have been too easy to find items such as BSoda or notebooks, although mystman12 confirmed he would re-add this feature for the full game with different-colored lockers with one signifying color that allows the player to open for possible items.[3] The Principal of the Thing would put the player in detention if he catches them opening lockers.

Evidence for this being true is an unused sound clip from the Principal of the Thing that says "No looking in other people's lockers in the halls."

Playtime tripping over

Playtime possibly could have had a chance of tripping over as she approaches the player, which would stun her temporarily and giving the player of escaping her.

Evidence for this being true is from one of the unused tape advises, where it is claimed that "if you're lucky she'll trip".

Unused Quotes

Sound Transcript Character Last Appearance
BAL DividedBy
Divided by. Baldi N/A
BAL General HowToNewVoice
Use the number buttons to enter an answer, once you think you have it right, press the OK button.
BAL General HowTo
Just type the correct answer into the empty box. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard when you think you have the right answer. V1.3.2
PT Instructions
Jump rope ten times in a row. Once you do, I'll let you go! *laugh* Playtime V0.0.0
PT 5
PT 6
6 N/A
PT 7
PT 8
PT 9
PT 10
Pott nostabbing
No stabbing people with pencils in the halls. Principal of the Thing N/A
Pott nolooking
No looking at other people's lockers in the halls.
Pott nofood
No eating food in the halls. V1.2.2

Unused Textures

Unused Objects


  • If the player teleports/walks outside the map without falling out of the skybox, they can see the placeholder image in the Inventory.
  • PlaceFace, who was first used as a test character during the game's development, used to be entirely scrapped until the Baldi's Basics - Field Trip V1.1 update.