Version 0.0.0 is the earliest/oldest version of Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning upon its first release. It was slightly shorter than recent following updates, with features that were yet to be implemented.



Before update version 1.3:
  • Baldi's speed would become frightfully quick when the player got 12 or more answers wrong after collecting over 4 notebooks, with the ruler-slapping sound glitching.


Before update version 1.1:
  • As soon as she caught the the protagonist, she would say "Jump rope ten times in a row. Once you do, I'll let you go! E-hee-hee-hee!" before jumping the rope began, making this minigame much longer.
  • She would also say "5!" when the player jumped that fifth time, but it overlapped with her saying "Wow! That's great! Let's play again sometime soon...."
Before update version 1.3:
  • Playtime lacked her own music until version 1.3.
  • Without the Safety Scissors implemented, there was no way to cut Playtime's jump ropes.

Principal of the Thing

Before update version 1.3:

Unimplemented characters



Before update version 1.3.2:

Principal's Office

Before update version 1.1:
  • Inside the Principal's Office, instead of tables, there were some large globes which similarly blocked the player.
  • Arts and Crafters' old description read: "Truly an incredible sock puppet. I've never seen one like it!"

Outside Yards

Before update version 1.3:
  • The background texture for the outside yards was completely different.

Unimplemented locations



Before update version 1.3:
  • Lacked the sound for using the BSoda.
  • BSoda had a bug where it couldn't push, making it sometimes useless for survival.

Other items

Before update version 1.1:

Unimplemented items


Tape Player

Before update version 1.1:

Turning the tape player from the noise phone on will play recordings of someone who knows what the characters do (excluding It's A Bully), explaining their mechanics, rather than a distorted noise.

Unimplemented mechanics



Before update version 1.2.2:
  • There was no poster including the information about the noise phone.
Before update version 1.3:
  • There was no poster mentioning about using the Safety Scissors.
Before update version 1.3.1:
  • There was no poster mentioning about using the WD-NoSquee.

School Rules

Before update version 1.3:
  • Bullying was not prohibited but eating food in the halls (Energy-Flavored Zesty Bar) was. This meant that the Principal of the Thing would not send It's a Bully to detention when he was nearby.

Unimplemented features


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