WD-NoSquee is an item found in the faculty rooms and inside the Janitor's Closet in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. This prevents Baldi from hearing a door open or close four times.

This item can be found inside the Janitor's Closet and one of the Faculty Rooms.


The WD-NoSquee is a can with a blue cap and a red nozzle, about 2/3 of the can is blue, in that section is what seems to be yellow text, and another 1/3 of it is red.


WD NoSqueePoster-sharedassets2.assets-395

A poster describing how the WD-NoSquee works.

The WD-NoSquee is used against Baldi to make doors inaudible, but it can only be used four times before it is used up. WD-NoSquee can make doors quiet only for a limited time.

This is really helpful if the player use it on the door in detention, since Baldi won't be able to hear the Principal open the door.


  • It was added in the V1.3.
  • The "Squee" in the name is supposed to resemble the sound a door makes when it's rusty.
  • The poster for this item was added in V1.3.1.
  • WD-NoSquee is referencing a product called WD-40.
    • This is also evident in the design, which is similar to a bottle of said product.



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